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26.02.06 18:24

Globalhealth-Academy aims in future to set worldwide therapy standards for minimal invasive aesthetic therapies

Especially in the field of minimal invasive aesthetic medicine, there are currently no recognised therapy standards. With the aid of several work groups, therefore, the NETWORK-Globalhealth aims to establish valid standards.

One of the fastest growing areas of aesthetic medicine, i.e. non- and minimal invasive therapies, has for years led a somewhat marginal existence because worldwide therapy standards have only been developed for certain part-areas. The main reason for this is that nearly all the training provided in these therapies is sponsored by manufacturers, whose main aim is to sell their products to the treating physicians. Consequently, not the best laser for a certain job is used, but a certain type made by a certain manufacturer, and not the optimum filler for a certain wrinkle therapy is employed, but the product of the workshop sponsor. Many different therapy approaches, e.g. for treating wrinkles, exist side by side, without the treating physicians being able to combine them and offer a meaningful combination to achieve the best wrinkle management. Those who have learned to inject botox offer botox treatment, those who have learned how to perform peeling offer peelings, those who have learned mesotherapy offer mesotherapy, and so on. This can obviously not be in the best interests of the patients. A comprehensive form of training that explains the individual modules and places the harmonisation of the face in the foreground is therefore urgently needed. The specialists working in the Network have formed work groups to review all the existing therapies and drugs and to determine the best way of harmonising them. The goal is to create a qualified training programme for field of non-invasive aesthetic therapy.



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