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27.11.05 18:18

Paris Congress of the NETWORK-Aesthetics decides to incorporate other fields of therapy

The NETWORK-Globalhealth is in the process of creation. The members were enthusiastic at the future development prospects.

At the 2nd International Congress on Lipolysis Therapy, the members of NETWORK-Lipolysis approved the ideas of Dirk Brandl, one of the moderators of the NETWORK-Lipolysis, to view the NETWORK-Lipolysis in future as a network within a bigger pattern of networks, and also to build networks around other new therapies. The 450 members are naturally interested in including other new aesthetic therapies, for instance the Alizonne therapy of Dr. Claudia van der Lugt, NL, against overweight and obesity. But the members also took a wider view of the network concept, and would like to win over colleagues from the non-aesthetic field to work within the Network. The idea of working in a network can be enriching for many fields and forms of therapy, and be helpful in developing them. The text of Dirk Brandlís presentation can be found under the menu item "Network-Building"



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