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08.01.07 13:36

M.A.S.T.E.R. Conference Paris September 14-16, 2007

A new concept for a new congress:

inimal invasiv
Therapies for

M.A.S.T.E.R. Conference
General concept in place

How will this Congress differ from previous Members Congresses, and what does it aim to achieve? We will provide you with detailed information about the individual programme items in future news. For the moment, we will just outline the general concept and describe some of the ways in which we differ from other congresses. Naturally, however, we are open to every suggestion as we intend to continuously develop our concept further.

* First the good news: Everything that members wish to see preserved is being preserved. The Members Congress will be held as part of the event and will be open to members only. We also intend to continue with the work in work groups, as last year’s event showed that this part of it was very well received by the participants.
* We additionally intend to offer some training opportunities in the field of lipolysis to members only, for example the Advanced Lipolysis Course by Dr. Duncan. Dr. Moga, Paris, has worked on ways of reducing the pain for the patients and making the treatment as pleasant for them as possible, and has agreed to present her results within the framework of a workshop.
* It is intended to devote half a day simply to presenting all the latest research results in the field of injection lipolysis. We did not provide a slot for this area at last year’s Congress as we were not able to reckon with any major new results. This year will be different, however, as the latest research will already have progressed so far as to be able to present some results.
* Especially that part of the Congress concerned with the development of standards will be opened up to all participants. It is planned to give basic papers on many minimal invasive therapy procedures, with initial standards being communicated in workshops.
* We will also offer workshops on more general topics. Here are just a few examples of the kind of themes that are very frequently neglected:
o Claus Peter Meissner has developed a workshop on the subject of emergency medicine. Of special interest to us in this context is how to deal with anaphylactic shock, but also many other important matters in the field of emergency medicine.
o Good photo documentation of the treatment results is a very rare thing, and yet this is one of the most important marketing instruments of any doctor. The units available on the market for this purpose are very expensive and not always very easy to use. We have therefore instructed our marketing people to develop a unit that is inexpensive to purchase and easy to operate and that can be installed with no major effort or expense. Dr. Eichhorn, who has long concerned himself with the topic of medical photo documentation, and Dirk Brandl, who is an experienced photo engineer, will offer a workshop dealing with this issue from both the medical and technical point of view that will enable you to produce optimum before/after photos.
o Patient communication is a subject that has long been neglected but is becoming increasingly important for every medical practice. We also wish to provide support in this area.
o Dr. Lettko has concerned herself for a long time with the optimisation of combination facial treatments and would like to show the participants of her workshop in an easy and relaxed way how to develop a treatment concept for the overall composition of the face.



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