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30.06.06 15:22

New Members In June

Here you can see all physicians, who have become members of the NETWORK-Globalhealth in June.

We welcome the new members of NETWORK-Globalhealth

Dr. Carlos Aragon-Rivas , Guatemala City , Guatemala
Dr. Werner Fuchs , Fürstenfeld , Austria
Dr. Birgit Grabner-Frankl , Klagenfurt , Austria
Prof. Dr. Reiner Scherer , München , Germany
Dr. Jenda Körber , Frankfurt am Main , Germany
Dr. univ. Waltraud Einwagner , St. Florian , Austria
Dr. Claudia Ruda-May , Graz , Austria
Dr. Peter Rein , Dillingen/Saar , Germany
Dr. Konrad Müllejans , Heinzberg , Germany
Dr. Stephan Rüpke , Ahrensburg , Germany
Dr. Susanne von Schmiedeberg , Düsseldorf , Germany
Dr. Ayse Pinarbasi , Antalya , Turkey
Dr. Ayda Kart Askar , Eregli-Konya , Turkey
Dr. Fevziye Sebnem Ünver , Istanbul , Turkey
Dr. Nilgün Sahin , Ankara , Turkey
Dr. Siegfried Möller , Wiesbaden , Germany
Dr. Chedly Bouzouaya , Tunis , Tunesia
Dr. Sarolta Baricza , Budapest , Hungary
Dr. Teréz Takácsy , Budapest , Hungary



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