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29.08.06 17:45

The 3rd Members Congress of the NETWORK-Lipolysis/NETWORK-Globalhealth will be held on 28 October in Vienna

The 3rd members Congress will be chiefly devoted to lipolysis-related topics, but not exclusively.

With the expansion of the NETWORK into a NETWORK-Globalhealth in the course of last year, we laid the foundation for the inclusion of new therapy models in our NETWORK. The first development steps have already started, with the NETWORK- Alizonne and the NETWORK-Cryodent. It is therefore intended to present their work to the members.
So unlike last year, the main focus of this year’s Congress will not be on scientific matters; rather, it will be chiefly devoted to topics that are of eminent practical importance for the individual members, e.g.
What are the results and experience of other NETWORK members?
How can I optimally inform patients about the treatment?
What other possibilities are there for drawing injection lipolysis to the attention of even more patients?
What is the current treatment standard?
These are just some of the key questions we will be dealing with at this year’s Congress.



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