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28.07.06 12:59

Standardisation in aesthetic medicine

The Globalhealth Academy has embarked on an important new project in the field of minimal-invasive aesthetic medicine

At the moment, standardisation in aesthetic medicine is little more than a vision.
The problem is a familiar one: Minimal-invasive aesthetic medicine is booming, while surgical cosmetic procedures are on the decrease. However, training in this dynamically growing field of therapy is chaotically organised, dominated by the product manufacturers, and differs from trainer to trainer.
In order to do something about this situation, therefore, the NETWORK-Globalhealth Academy has decided to embark on an ambitious project, namely to develop a training and study programme for doctors that establishes independent standards for all known minimal-invasive aesthetic therapy procedures. Through our members, the NETWORK-Globalhealth has a great pool of knowledge in the field of aesthetic medicine. We will therefore form work groups with our members with the task of defining independent standards. At the same time, we are seeking cooperation with a renowned university in order, if possible, to complete this new form of training with a university diploma. Initial talks are already in progress. We are all fully aware that it will take several years’ work for this project to reach completion. But precisely because of the booming demand for less aggressive therapy procedures, we feel that it is our duty not to leave this field to the big firms who understandably and legitimately wish to sell their products and use “training” as a marketing measure. So if you feel qualified to work in one of our work groups, please ask for our questionnaire. We wish to limit membership of each of the work groups to 5 qualified physicians. We would like to install the following work groups as quickly as possible: Botulin toxin A, mesotherapy, fillers, peelings, laser treatment, cryotherapy, and combination treatments. If you have any other suggestions, please let us know.

Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner



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