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11.09.06 11:48

PPC Brains Trust taking on form

Phosphatidylcholine is a substance that has long been underrated. Scientists and doctors who have made use of it in various ways now intend to pool their results.

Our research during the last few years into PPC, a soya lecithin, has revealed a wide range of publications.
PPC has chiefly become known as a substance for treating fat embolism and as a liver protection agent. But it has many more capabilities. For many years, for instance, the physicians Sam and Anita Baxas have been treating arteriosclerotic plaques with PPC infusions; PPC has been used for treating fungus poisoning; it has been employed as an adjunct in the treatment of bacterial meningitis, and it has been used in the treatment of colitis.
PPC has even been used in cancer treatment for lessening the side-effects of chemotherapy. And also in the field of neurology, PPC has recently been applied in high doses for the treatment of manic depression.
We could list many more areas of research, but will leave it at the above for the time being.
PPC is a substance that occurs in virtually every cell of our bodies, especially the cell membrane. The many indications that can be found encourage us in thinking that there may be very much more to this substance than simply its use in injection lipolysis. We have therefore devised the idea of a PPC brains trust, with the aim of bringing together all the research and all the results. In the past few months, therefore, there has been a hectic exchange of emails between the individual researchers and groups. An initial meeting of the brains trust is planned for the coming year in order, for once, to open up the horizon for the whole breadth of indications.
Doctors and scientists who are performing applications with phosphatidylcholine are kindly requested to contact us so that we can report on all developments as soon as possible and so expand the Brains Trust.
Contact: Dirk Brandl
Email: brandl@network-lipolysis.com

Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner
Medical & Scientific Director



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