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23.07.12 18:15

Switzerland: Injection lipolysis now legal as a formula magistralis

Medical law expert Prof. Poledna achieves success jointly with the NETWORK...more

As we have reported several times, the legal officer of the Canton of Zurich sent out warnings to several members for offering injection lipolysis treatment. With the assistance of various members, we first of all formed the International Society for Lipolysis Therapy (ISL) - Swiss Section, which then commissioned Prof. Poledna, who counts as one of the leading lawyers in the field of medical law in Switzerland, to present the position of the ISL.

After a protracted discussion, what the NETWORK has always believed to be right has now also been confirmed in law:
All physicians have the right to issue their patients with a prescription for a pharmacy, which then makes up the product according to this formula magistralis. The pharmacy must be appropriately equipped and in the position to make up the prescription. As we ourselves do not yet have a pharmacy in Switzerland which is able to make up this prescription (we are in talks!!), it is permitted for the patient to have the prescription made up by Euromed Apotheke in Fürth.

The physician has the right to inject the ensuing product.

We would like to thank all members in Switzerland for their involvement and commitment and also for assuming a share of the not inconsiderable costs for Prof. Poledna.
The other, bigger share, has, for reasons of solidarity, been contributed by the NETWORK out of members’ fees - an expenditure which we believe to be money well spent.



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