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26.02.06 18:47

Summer Academy of the Globalhealth Academy for German-speaking doctors in July

The first Summer Academy Powerworkshop of the NETWORK-Globalhealth will be held for German-speaking doctors from 14 16 July 2006.

The programme will encompass all the main modules of modern, minimal invasive aesthetic medicine, which will be presented by recognised specialists in their respective fields, and will lead to the Diploma of the Academy in Aesthetic Therapies. Besides the extensive study material, with practical hands-on training opportunities, sufficient time will also be allowed for leisure activities of all kinds. Great weight has therefore been attached to choosing a hotel venue that offers a wide range of leisure activities, is located in attractive rural surroundings, and has a welcoming attitude towards families, as we would encourage the participants at the Summer Academy to bring their families with them and turn it into a holiday stay. Further information can be found here.



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