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04.07.11 14:20

France: Return to common sense

The controversial decree by the French health authorities banning all minimally invasive therapies for fat reduction has been revoked....

The controversial decree of the French health minister (see News of 20.4.11) was suspended on 19 June, when the Conseil d'Etat pulled the emergency brake. But despite this volte face, it is still essential to obstruct efforts aimed either at restricting the freedom therapy of doctors and the patientsí right of choice or at pushing through the lobby interests of individual groups of professionals. Recently, there has been an increase in the activities of state institutions and specialist groups who seek, under the pretext of protecting the patients, to interfere with the freedom of therapy. There is no question that good patient protection is important, and that there may well be room for improvement. But that is a different debate. Freedom of therapy is one of the fundamental medical rights whose purpose is to foster new developments and enable doctors the possibility to offer their patients the therapy which in their view is best suited for treating the diagnosed condition. Doctors throughout the world should do everything in their power to prevent this freedom from being undermined.
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† Dirk Brandl
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