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26.02.06 18:43

NETWORK-Globalhealth supports new therapy approaches

Have you developed a new therapy approach? The NETWORK-Globalhealth can offer you the necessary assistance in introducing it.

Things are often not easy for new therapies. In modern medicine, whether a new therapy becomes successfully established or not frequently has nothing to do with its quality alone. In many cases, financial interests play a key role, for instance in the case of drugs companies who want to place a new product on the market and therefore sponsor it with huge advertising resources, or equipment manufacturers who have developed a device for an alternative application. The Network does not condemn these kinds of activities as long as it is made quite clear who is behind them and information does not claim to be neutral and objective while only serving to market a specific product. As an independent structure developed by doctors for doctors and their patients, the Network is gladly prepared, on the strength of its independence, to offer physicians who have developed new therapies the chance to make them known throughout the world. This includes providing information on the therapy within the NETWORK and its sub-networks, offering training for interested doctors, conducting research into the legal aspects of application of the therapy in each country, informing the interested public, and providing support through the necessary Network structures in order to develop the therapy. We therefore call upon doctors throughout the world to inform the NETWORK-Globalhealth of their new therapy proposals, so as to have their work scrutinised by an independent body and also contribute to faster progress in modern medicine. If you yourself have developed a new therapy, please read here to find out more about what we can do for you.



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