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12.07.10 12:30

Ready-made Mixtures for Aesthetic Mesotherapy

New ready-made mixtures for aesthetic mesotherapy, in accordance with NETWORK protocol....more

For the first four indications, the new ready-made mixtures; MesoGlow, MesoLift, MesoHair and MesoCellu, have been available through the NETWORK shop for the past 3 months. The compositions are the result of two years’ development work by dermatologists and experienced mesotherapy practitioners belonging to NETWORK-AestheticMeso ...

After the test phase, the mixtures were released for widespread application. The purpose of these ready-made mixtures is to simplify (mixing of the individual substances is not required) and standardise treatment.

Given that all users now use the same substances and protocols, and the same concentrations of active substances are used every time, results can be compared on a large scale for the first time in mesotherapy. So far, the feedback from users on the results and handling of the NETWORK protocol and mixtures is extremely positive. In addition, a non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (2%) with excellent viscosity qualities has been developed, which mixes very well and has been optimised for use in mesotherapy.

The market price speaks for itself and is particularly agreeable. With our range of products designed by physicians for physicians, we consciously avoid any costly marketing gimmicks such as elaborately designed packaging, etc., which ultimately only serve to make the product more expensive. Test the mixtures for yourself and give us your own personal appraisal!

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