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26.02.06 18:40

NETWORK-Cryodent in the process of formation

The most important new therapy for periodontosis therapy and prevention. All the main preliminary work is now complete. The first workshop for dentists will be offered in May.

Since 2004, two dentists, Dr. Paolo Paone and Dr. Robert Malecki, have rediscovered a 20-year-old treatment method, and developed new therapy standards. In the field of dermatology, successful therapies that use the effects of cold, i.e. crio/cryo/kryotherapy, have been known for years, e.g. for treating age spots or warts. A French dentist, Dr. Madi, successfully used cryotherapy in the treatment of gum diseases more than 20 years ago. At that time, however, the therapy failed to achieve general acceptance because the equipment needed caused many difficulties in practical use. The system worked with liquid nitrogen (at 190), which was then warmed to 40 through the addition of nitrogen gas, in order not to cause permanent damage to the gums. The two aforenamed dentists, who practise in Italy, acquired their first experience in the therapy using the old equipment of the French dentist. In the meantime, however, they have found a company to produce an electrical cooling device that is able to achieve a temperature of exactly 40, without the need for supplies of nitrogen gas and complicated insulation tanks. The two dentists see cryotherapy as the method of the future for the treatment and prevention of periodontosos. The exposure to cold causes the flesh of the gums to contract and become firmer, and also stimulates the blood circulation. A further advantage of the Cryodent therapy is that it can also be performed by the dental assistant who undertakes teeth cleaning. Training courses in Cryodent therapy can probably be offered starting from May 2006. At the moment, the new electrical therapy unit is undergoing testing.



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