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26.02.06 18:37

NETWORK for alternative medical therapies begins work

A theme network for alternative medical treatments is in the process of creation.

Many exciting therapy approaches in the field of so-called alternative medicine are offered separately from each other. If they are combined at all, then only on the initiative of individual doctors who have undergone training in several therapies. Acupuncture has already gained cult status among physicians in many countries, while other therapies, for instance neural therapy or mesotherapy, are only just starting to become a focus of interest. Our Network member, Dr. Krebs of Austria, for example, has concerned himself in depth with a highly interesting therapy, namely the treatment of gout and rheumatics with leeches. The initial reaction on the part of many people at the thought of this is nausea, but this changes as soon as one hears the patients reporting on this gentle and virtually pain-free treatment and its results. The NETWORK-Globalhealth will in future devote its attention in particular to therapies for so-called common and civilisation diseases. This form of leech therapy is currently undergoing scrutiny for inclusion in the Network.



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