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18.12.05 14:19

NETWORK-Weightdoctors includes Alizonne therapy against overweight in its range of therapies

The NETWORK-Alizonne has started work

More than 8 years ago, Dr. Claudia van der Lugt developed a therapy against obesity and overweight that can also be successfully used by other doctors: the Alizonne therapy. Since Dr. Claudia’s presentations at the congresses of the Network in Frankfurt 2004 and Paris 2005, in which she gave information on her new therapy, a number of Network doctors have decided to learn this new form of treatment. The first 2-day training workshop for German-speaking physicians was already held in December 2005, and a first workshop in English will be offered at the end of January in Meijel. The NETWORK-Alizonne has already been created and its members have started work..



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