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M.A.S.T.E.R.-Conference 2015 in Berlin

The International NETWORK Member Meeting


Language: English

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Dr. Michael Weidmann,
Chairman of the Conference

Since 2004 when the NETWORK started with standardization and organization all members have emphasized the familiar character of our meetings and trainings. You will not only find high quality lectures and trainings - you will meet old friends and get to know new ones. That is our main aim for the meeting.

In contrary to many international congresses we don't cut the time of our speakers at 5 minutes! Our concept is to invite only some high reputed speakers and give them the opportunity to have a detailed lecture about their topics!

We surely will present the newest developments in our key therapies like Injection-Lipolysis and Mesotherapy. We will discuss the FDA approval for Kybella (TM) as well as other new substances or certifications. And we will present the NETWORK PSM - Pain and Side Effect Management, two half side comparison studies and the new developments in basic sciencs about fat cells. Update yourself for one of the most requested therapies in 2014!!!

There are some new therapies offered on the market, and we would like to present the NETWORKs point of view: PRP - what kind of equipment is the best? Threads - Materials and Techniques? New horizons in lipolysis by different technologies - Cryo-Lipolysis and Laser-Lipolysis and how to combine it with IL.


Date & Location:

Sa. & Su., 12th. & 13th of September 2015, Berlin, Germany


MARITIM proArte Hotel
Friedrichstraße 151
10117 Berlin

A room allotment is under
Phone: +49 - 30 2033 - 4410 with the group code: NETWORK available



For further information and registration please contact us by phone or email

Anna G. Keller
Phone: +49 - 2508 - 2159 - 200
Fax: +49 - 25 08 - 2159 - 111



Agenda Day 1, Saturday September 12, 2015


9 am – 4:30 pm
The Berlin Lectures


New insights into adipocyte research
Dr. Ilya Kruglikov

PC versus DC
Why the NETWORK prefers a combination of the 2 ingredients

Adj. Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl-Josef Gundermann

The actual Injection-Lipolysis treatment protocol
Lipolysis-Report 2015

Dr. Margrit Lettko

The modified Cellulite-Protocol of the NETWORK
Prof. Dr. Markus Steinert

Standards of Aesthetic Mesotherapy
Mesotherapy-Report 2015

Dr. Michael Weidmann

Vita-Balance Cure – The NETWORKs infusion therapy for the cell membranes
Adj. Prof. Dr. Dr. Karl-Josef Gundermann

The new combination therapy: Injection-Lipolysis and Dual-Frequency-Ultrasound
Prof. Dr. Irene Tausch

PRP and Threads - The best technologies

About Cryo-Lipolysis
Sandra Bolze, MD, Italy

Half side comparison study on Aqualyx vs. the NETWORK Compound
Dr. Steffen Giesse

The NETWORK‘s Development
Dirk Brandl


6 pm – 9:30 pm
Berlin by Boat and Dinner



Agenda Day 2, Sunday September 13, 2015

MASTER-Class for advanced practitioners (members only)


9 am – 6 pm

Injection-Lipolysis Advanced-Course
facial treatments, varying the standard protocols, combinations

Dr. Horst Grübmeyer



Training courses for new members:


9 am – 6 pm

Injection Lipolysis & Aesthetic Mesotherapy
Basic NETWORK Protocols

Dr. Margrit Lettko & Dr. Michael Weidmann


Meetings at Mallorca, in Salzburg, Vienna, Paris


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